Day 2 of Stay Home Stay Safe EO (Quarantine)

Wednesday, March 25

The people were quarreling with Moses.—Num. 20:3.

Despite Moses’ long record of unselfish leadership, the people complained not only about the lack of water but also about Moses, as if it were his fault that they were thirsty. (Num. 20:1-5, 9-11) In the heat of anger, Moses lost his mild disposition. Rather than speak in faith to the rock, as Jehovah had commanded, Moses spoke in bitterness to the people and gave credit to himself. Then, he struck the rock twice and much water gushed out. Pride and anger caused him to make a painful mistake. (Ps. 106:32, 33) For his temporary lack of meekness, Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. (Num. 20:12) From this incident, we learn valuable lessons. First, we must constantly work at maintaining our meek attitude. If we neglect it for a moment, pride may reassert itself and cause us to speak and act foolishly. Second, stress can weaken us, so we must strive to be meek, even when we are under pressure. w19.02 12-13 ¶19-21

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